book binding manufacturers

From our research. We contacted several binderies that have purchased imported spiral coils. Here is what we found; Yes, they are cheaper, and also less expensive! On the surface, the price per piece is lower, but you will see a significant difference in your labor cost. It turns out that due to low quality filament and lighter material thickness, it is more time consuming to run coils through a book and sometimes the coil will break when cutting and turning. This may only be seconds, but seconds turn into minutes, and minutes turn into dollars. The question is, how much is your time worth?

Let’s take a run of 75,000 books, using imported coils. Being conservative, let’s say you are set back TWO (2) seconds per book, that’s a whopping 41.7 HOURS of additional labor. The question again, how much is your time (labor) worth?

book binding manufacturers
book binding manufacturers

We put it in black and white, and the difference is clear. Both spiral coils are 5/8″ #4 (four holes to the inch). So, are you really saving money????

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