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Want to stand out?

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We know there are many options out there, but most being low quality imports. At PEL manufacturing, we pride ourselves with our 100% American made spiral coils.


How do WE stand out?

We understand and know that time is of the essence, we handle this issue with a quick turn-around time. We have 15 wire forming machines and 22 plastic machines, to meet our clients deadlines. We manufacture our coils in plastic, wire and aluminum. Our spiral coils range from 1/4″ to 5″, in various hole spacings and colors. Let our 85 years of experience work for you.


Why PEL?

  • Customized solutions

  • Quick turn-around time

  • Product variety

  • Extensive product/manufacturing experience

We are here to help, give us a call with any question you may have

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How to order PEL spiral coils

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Our spiral diameter is measured by inside dimension. Rule of thumb; Book thickness + 1/8” = inside diameter. Please note, 3/16”+ may need to be added for larger books.

Spiral Length

Binding edge plus one (1) inch. This lets you cut and turn, and also helps to avoid “running through and backing up.”

Pitch or holes per inch

Start with a ruler at the edge of the first hole, and count to the inch mark. This will give you an indication of how many holes per inch. If you are not sure on the pitch, provide a punched sheet to help us determine correct holes per inch.

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PEL spiral coils come in seven different pitches; in various diameters, gauges, colors, materials and lengths. Let our 85 years of experience work for you.

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Plastic or Wire spiral coils?

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Both are popular, of course, plastic being more affordable. Like in plastic, wire also comes in various colors (nylon coated), diameters, material gauge, and lengths. The trend we are seeing; As manufactures of spiral coils, in plastic, wire and aluminum, we are starting to see a shift. Wire spiral coils have become very popular for menus, menu companies are seeing the benefits of using heavier gauge wire. Giving a unique look, but also being able to withstand a lot of handling by restaurant patrons.

Book Binding Manufacturers

(Menu, bound with PEL heavy gauge wire)


Aluminum spiral coils have also jumped in popularity. Aluminum spiral coils are used for many projects, especially if you are looking to stand out. Many marketing companies are using our aluminum spiral coils for their marketing presentations. The biggest shift we have seen is with planners, for years wire-0 was used when binding planners, this is no longer the case. From our experience, many planner companies had shifted to spiral wire, but now we are seeing a transition to aluminum spiral coils. Planners are meant to be used on a regular basis, and they take a “beating.” But rest assure that our aluminum spiral coils will keep your pages and your thoughts in one place.

Blog6 Wire Spiral Coils

(Planner, bound with PEL Aluminum spiral)

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Are you really saving money?

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From our research. We contacted several binderies that have purchased imported spiral coils. Here is what we found; Yes, they are cheaper, and also less expensive! On the surface, the price per piece is lower, but you will see a significant difference in your labor cost. It turns out that due to low quality filament and lighter material thickness, it is more time consuming to run coils through a book and sometimes the coil will break when cutting and turning. This may only be seconds, but seconds turn into minutes, and minutes turn into dollars. The question is, how much is your time worth?

Let’s take a run of 75,000 books, using imported coils. Being conservative, let’s say you are set back TWO (2) seconds per book, that’s a whopping 41.7 HOURS of additional labor. The question again, how much is your time (labor) worth?

book binding manufacturers
book binding manufacturers

We put it in black and white, and the difference is clear. Both spiral coils are 5/8″ #4 (four holes to the inch). So, are you really saving money????

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Our mission, and a little history about us

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Our mission: To provide innovative binding solutions

PEL Manufacturing has been in business since 1934. Founded by the Pelezzare Family, in New York. The Pelezzare Family owned and operated PEL Manufacturing until 2017. PEL Manufacturing remains family owned and operated to this day, after Francessca Renderos took over ownership and operations of PEL Manufacturing in 2017, after having worked for PEL for 18 years. While Francessca manages the front office and operations with her Brother, Rafael Renderos, their Mother, Victoria Renderos, manages the plant floor and production team as she has done since 1985.

PEL Manufacturing has been supplying US made spiral coils for bookbinding, since its origin. We do not resell low quality imports, we manufacture our spiral coils in our Southern California location. PEL Manufacturing strives for customer satisfaction, and we do so by providing the highest quality product, the biggest selection, and the fastest turn-around time.

You will not find a larger selection of spiral coils, anywhere, this we guarantee. Some of our advantages over other vendors;

· Our products are made in the USA, and must adhere to strict standards

· 10 different hole spacings (Pitches)

· 22 different material gauges (material thickness)

· 25 spiral forming machines

· Products in plastic, wire and aluminum

· Largest coils on the market (up to 4.5”)

· Customized solutions

Give us a call, and let our almost 100 years of experience work for you

Plastic spiral coil
Plastic spiral coil