For the longest time I would write all of my plans onto random notepads and sticky notes until they were all crumbled in the cupholder of my car or the bottom of my purse.

I began searching high and low for the perfect planner to fit my needs. I don’t know about you, but depending on the day, I could be flying around doing twelve different tasks before getting home and making lunch.

As the sticky notes piled, and the notepads folded, I realized that I needed a planner specific to my needs. A planner with the exact amount of space and pages I need, a good solid coil with a nice color and hourly time slots. I found what I needed on Pel Manufacturing website but you may be able to find a similar site.

Step 1: Find a Coil Type you like

I have come across many coil types during my search for the perfect planner. I really like the color variations of the Rainbow Spirals. Especially the “Burst” and “Passion” colors. Some prefer a solid Orange color or something like that so the Solid Spirals or Plastic are good choices too. Depending on the durability you are looking for I would personally choose the Solid Spirals. They are made in the USA and if you shop with they offer bulk pricing and bulk packaging in case you were thinking of a few gifts! They have small diameters as well as the largest diameters available which is over 2 inches!

Different Coil Types

  • Rainbow Spiral Coils
  • Solid Spiral Coils
  • Aluminum Spiral Coils
  • Plastic Spiral Coils


Step 2: Customize the months you need.

Call me simple or average but I really like starting my planner with the month I am in and have the planner a year in length excluding the months from the current month I am in until the end of the year. So, in my case I ended with just about a year and two month since I am making my planner in December of 2020.

Step 3: Choose your binder tabs for each week. 

I made five tabs. They are Financial, Spiritual, Physical, Family. These tabs are just in the first 20 pages of the planner (5 for each tab.) These pages are for Goals or thoughts I am having in these areas of my life. I believe that if I master these areas. I will be fulfilled and able to provide to and serve my community. After these tabs, I have my year and one month of calendar space.

Step 4: Add extra notepaper.

I found this very helpful. I didn’t add it until later so I will save you time by letting you know that you will want more paper in the end. Either for thoughts, goals, recipes etc. Give yourself the peace of mind and give about 20 extra pages of note paper. Also, I placed a few stickers there that were relevant to the thoughts, goals or to-do list I was trying to record.

Spring 1

Planner Result

I love my new planner. It is exactly how I wanted it and so much better than sticky notes and old notepads. I was able to really customize the size by shopping with I wanted a bigger diameter of coil so they were able to provide that for me. Thank you so much! I love your colors!



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