Plastic spiral coil

All binding coils are the same, so why should I choose PEL? The simple response; Quality and product variety.

Quality: we manufacture our spiral coils in the US, and must adhere to strict regulations. With our spiral coils, you will not get thin material, like you do with most imports from resellers.

Product variety: we manufacture our binding coils in plastic, wire, and aluminum. We can customize any of our products. We have ten (10) different punch patterns, our largest coil is 4.5” (114.3mm). Don’t let anyone tell you that largest coil is 2” (50mm).

But more importantly, we love to help others. Don’t see us as just your supplier, see us as part of your team. We will work with you to get the right product, the product that will meet your needs, the product that will exceed your expectations. Let our almost 100 years of experience work for you.

Aluminum Spiral Coil

Plastic spiral coil

PEL Rainbow Spiral

Blog Pel Rainbow Spiral

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