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Both are popular, of course, plastic being more affordable. Like in plastic, wire also comes in various colors (nylon coated), diameters, material gauge, and lengths. The trend we are seeing; As manufactures of spiral coils, in plastic, wire and aluminum, we are starting to see a shift. Wire spiral coils have become very popular for menus, menu companies are seeing the benefits of using heavier gauge wire. Giving a unique look, but also being able to withstand a lot of handling by restaurant patrons.

Book Binding Manufacturers

(Menu, bound with PEL heavy gauge wire)


Aluminum spiral coils have also jumped in popularity. Aluminum spiral coils are used for many projects, especially if you are looking to stand out. Many marketing companies are using our aluminum spiral coils for their marketing presentations. The biggest shift we have seen is with planners, for years wire-0 was used when binding planners, this is no longer the case. From our experience, many planner companies had shifted to spiral wire, but now we are seeing a transition to aluminum spiral coils. Planners are meant to be used on a regular basis, and they take a “beating.” But rest assure that our aluminum spiral coils will keep your pages and your thoughts in one place.

Blog6 Wire Spiral Coils

(Planner, bound with PEL Aluminum spiral)

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